Maryanne de Prophetis grew up in a musically diverse family, graduating from Temple University College of Music where she studied piano and harmony with Natalie Hinderas.  During that time she also began jazz vocal and theory studies with bassist Al Stauffer.  She later arrived in New York to continue musical studies with Warne Marsh, and more recently the great and inspiring jazz vocalist Jay Clayton.

Her trio with Frank Kimbrough and Ron Horton was formed in 2002 and has been playing in New York City venues since then. She has performed with various other ensembles at The Kitano, Cornelia Street Café, Sweet Rhythm, CBGBs, Barbes, 55 Bar, The Local 269, InGarden Concerts as part of Evolving Music/Voice, the Clemente Soto Velez Community as part of Evolving Voice, The Brecht Forum, Puppets Jazz, Jazz Nights in Princeton, 5C Cafe, Scholes Street Studio, Ibeam, and Why Not Cafe. She has regularly performed with the Mark Lamb Dance Second Saturday Salons, as featured artist, and as guest.

Over the last decade and a half Maryanne has continued to develop her compositional voice.  Her recent recording Tell A Star, represents nearly 13 years of her compositional style, marked by wide imagination and emotional range.  The last several years, while continuing to write, she has explored playing improvised music with many different musicians, and formed an improvising quartet, FIDOqrtet, with pianist Shoko Nagai, drummer Satoshi Takeishi, and trumpeter Ron Horton.  Satoshi was an organic addition to the original trio for this recording of Tell A Star.

The entire quartet of Tell A Star is excited to release this recording on ENNArecords.  Maryanne is founder of this newly-formed label and is looking forward to more releases of quality music in the near future.

This Project is being supported by FanFunded, a new promotional and fund-raising off-shoot of the ArtistShare label. Tell A Star was graciously invited to participate in FanFunded by the multi-Grammy Award Winning composer, Maria Schneider.

Her debut trio CD, A Glance, was released on LoNote Records, and features original compositions. It is also available at Art of Life Records as download.

Lilacs in Winter, also mostly original material, is available at Blue Music Group.


“Maryanne de Prophetis shows her considerable free improv abilities on Lilacs in
. . .”

Suzanne Lorge, The New York City Jazz Record, formerly AllAboutJazz-New York

“As with her previous CD, Maryanne de Prophetis has created music that defies categories and asks only that one listens with open ears. Musical, challenging, often calming (never soporific), Lilacs in Winter is worth exploring”

Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

"[Lilacs In Winter] . . .the recording is exciting! Great music from A to Z and full of surprises! The musical imagination of all three members of the group is just incredible."

Juerg Sommer, of Aargauer Zeitung and Mittelland Zeitung

". . . not competing for space . . . the aural equivalent of a flower breaking through the sun-drenched earth."

Richard Kamins, The Hartford Courant

". . . a supple and expressive mezzo which winds itself through the most intimate twists and turns of the refined harmonies, freely exploring the open zones between composition and improvisation, manifesting itself warmly and sincerely, unpretentiously, without sharpness or shrillness".

Vincenzo Roggero, All About Jazz, Italy

“[A Glance . . .marking the release of a stark and haunting new album. . ."

Nate Chenin, New York Times