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by Maryanne de Prophetis/Shoko Nagai/Ron Horton/Satoshi Takeishi

FIDOqrtet is a free improvising ensemble that draws from the musicians' many varied musical influences.
FIDO experiences a wide spontaneous, emotional range. The outcome is often very compositional, within its constantly free, beginner's mind approach. The ensemble started playing together in December of 2012, and is looking forward to it's first recorded release late Fall or early Winter of 2019/2020.

  • 2:14
    Maryanne de Prophetis/Satoshi Takeishi/Ron Horton/Shoko Nagai
  • 5:00
    Shoko Nagai/Maryanne de Prophetis/Satoshi Takeishi/Ron Horton
  • 2:20
    Shoko Nagai/Maryanne de Prophetis/Ron Horton/Satoshi Takeishi
  • 1:38
    Ron Horton/Satoshi Takeishi/Shoko Nagai/Maryanne de Prophetis
  • 1:18
    Ron Horton/Shoko Nagai/Satoshi Takeishi