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by Maryanne de Prophetis/Shoko Nagai/Ron Horton/Satoshi Takeishi

FIDOqrtet is a free improvising ensemble that draws from the musicians' varied musical influences.  FIDO started playing and recording together in December of 2012.

  • 2:14
    Maryanne de Prophetis/Satoshi Takeishi/Ron Horton/Shoko Nagai
  • 5:00
    Shoko Nagai/Maryanne de Prophetis/Satoshi Takeishi/Ron Horton
  • 2:20
    Shoko Nagai/Maryanne de Prophetis/Ron Horton/Satoshi Takeishi
  • 1:38
    Ron Horton/Satoshi Takeishi/Shoko Nagai/Maryanne de Prophetis
  • 1:18
    Ron Horton/Shoko Nagai/Satoshi Takeishi