tell a star

Maryanne de Prophetis
Ron Horton
Frank Kimbrough
Satoshi Takeishi

First release on ENNArecords October 7, 2016 | Listen to a sample of Tell A Star

Music and words by Maryanne de Prophetis are beautifully brought to life by an untraditional quartet of voice, trumpets, piano and drums.  There is no way to described the quality, genre, or concept, except that within compositional forms it lives and breathes with vitality, intimacy, imagination and great emotional range.  All four musicians have a wide musical sensibility, that becomes a whole, larger than its parts. Sonically rich, the interplay, empathy, space, and trust, propel the performance through nine tracks.  The tunes were not conceived as a whole, but the final experience is that of an organic musical suite.  Sometimes it is hard to tell where spontaneous music takes off: melody and chord voicings may be played and sung literally, then to be dropped off into and lifted through an underbelly of improvisation.  Sometimes very free improvisation suddenly jumps off a cliff, all on its own!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Stoller @ Samurai Hotel Recording Studio 2015-2016

Photography of musicians by Marielle Solan
Nature photography by Tamana Araki

This project was invited to participate in FanFunded® by Maria Schneider.
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